Chin prosthesis

When the chin is very small or weak, a chin prosthesis can form a coordination between the nose, lips and chin. A weak chin often makes it appear large, the size of other parts of the face, and the profile of the whole face out of balance, deformed and deformed.

Our chin and profile prosthesis

If your chin is weak, other facial beauty trends can not show the positive result well. Treatments such as rhinoplasty can also not have a positive effect on a person’s profile if the chin is out of alignment. The chin plays an important role in the profile.

Chin prosthesis as an independent procedure for patients with retracted chin, compensates for the problem of unbalanced profile. Any inconsistencies in this area can be treated using the chin prosthesis procedure. Therefore, by consulting with your expert and following her recommendations in this regard, achieve a balanced face, especially in profile view.

Counseling session for chin prosthesis

At a chin prosthesis consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will encourage you to talk about your concerns and ask questions to gain a better understanding of your expectations of the process. The doctor will examine your face and give you advice and use all the information obtained to develop a surgical plan.

If your application for treatment is approved, you will be shown before and after photos of other patients, so that you can become more familiar with the surgeon’s artistic taste and work style.

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