Endoscopic eyebrow and forehead lift

What is an endoscopic forehead lift?

Endoscopic forehead lift is a minimally invasive procedure performed under anesthesia. After making a series of small incisions hidden inside the hair, the surgeon uses a series of specialized tools to separate and lift the forehead tissue. This method usually has a shorter recovery period than the more traditional methods and faster recovery is achieved for the patient.

What are the uses of endoscopic forehead lift?

When we talk about the upper part of the face, we must pay attention to the direct connection of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids. Patients often see a doctor for drooping eyelids, but treatment can often be done through an eyebrow lift. In these cases, endoscopic forehead lift can be considered as a replacement or complementary treatment for eyelid surgery.

Endoscopic forehead lift can also perform eyebrow lift with minimal post-operative scarring and cleft skin tissue. In fact, the main purpose is not just a forehead lift to raise eyebrows; It also removes forehead wrinkles and skin lines.

What happens during the forehead lift procedure?

Endoscopic forehead lift is performed under local or sedative anesthesia or general anesthesia to make the procedure easier. After completing this step, the patient will be ready to start incisions.

The incisions used in the endoscopic lift are different from the models used in the forehead lift in the older methods. With the endoscopic technique, about three to five incisions are made in the hairline, which are very short incisions. In contrast, the old-fashioned lift created a long incision that required more healing time.

After making the incision, the endoscope is carefully inserted. An endoscope is a medical instrument with light and a camera. This camera transmits video information to a television monitor, allowing details to be created in the underlying tissues of the forehead.

At the end of the operation, after making changes in the tissue, the surgeon closes the incisions with special sutures.

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Endoscopic eyebrow and forehead lift