Lipo double chin

Chin surgery

There are cases of plastic or cosmetic surgery that are often overlooked and sometimes not discussed at all in cosmetic discussions. Incidentally, these small surgeries can make a person’s appearance very beautiful with a small change.

Why and how are ghabghab or double china created?

There are generally three causes for chin:

1- Genetic and hereditary mumps
2- Increasing age and loosening of the neck skin and muscles
3- Obesity, which in many cases does not disappear even after weight loss, and are so-called resistant fats.

What is the problem with having a chin?

We all like to look beautiful or regain our beauty. For most people with this problem, especially women, having a chin is a big nightmare that is repeated every day. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to this problem.

What should be done to eliminate gingivitis?

Fortunately, both chin surgery and several non-surgical methods can be used for this problem. Solutions to this problem are often available, and especially non-surgical methods are offered in countless centers. Unfortunately, in many cases, these procedures occur due to lack of knowledge or experience of complications. We recommend that you do not make a final decision until you have seen or talked to a doctor.

What happens during surgery?

Since gingivitis is mainly caused by the migration of fat from the facial and jaw areas, the main purpose is to drain excess fat in this area. If the chin is due to sagging and aging wrinkles, your doctor will recommend a simultaneous neck lift or skin lift, and these two operations together will turn your face upside down and you will be much more beautiful. You are from the past.

Obesity riders are also recommended for overweight people.

You will not be anesthetized during the operation and you will not have to endure the effects of general anesthesia.

The doctor then makes several incisions in the sub-mental area (below the chin) and the sub-mandibular area (below the jaw) and then decides on the technique to perform the operation based on the looseness and firmness and the so-called elasticity of the skin.

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