Migraine lift surgery, endothelin lift and its results and care

What is a migraine lift?

The migraine lift is a non-invasive plastic surgery and does not require general anesthesia. By pulling and lifting the outer part of the eyes and eyebrows, it is one of the most effective cosmetic surgeries that makes the face look younger and more beautiful.

Wrinkles around the eyes disappear and you have a more beautiful face when you pull two vessels of the temples or temples back and forth in front of the mirror.

Some women try to lift by pulling the temples back and ponytail, which in some cases causes severe hair loss.


A variety of migraine lift methods

Depending on the need and the amount of lift, the type of migraine is selected

Classic method (endoscopic lift):

If the beautiful atmosphere tends to pull the skin to the sides, the classic method should be used

Endothelin lift method:

If, in addition to lifting the eyebrows and eyes to the sides, you want to lift and pull the corners of the eyebrows and eyes up, the endotain or screw lift method is used.

In this method, in addition to two 4 cm incision lines in the growth area, 2 incisions 2 to 3 cm above the eyebrows and inside the hair incision line are created.

And with the help of endoscopic device, like the classic method, the layers are released and the fixing operation is done with the help of endothelin prosthesis.

Due to the fact that the endothelin prosthesis has a high level of contact with the soft tissue of the drug, it has a long shelf life of about 7 to 10 years and the result of the operation is much more natural.

Endotene prosthesis is composed of natural polymers and can be absorbed and then absorbed after soft tissue fusion and layer repair.


Migraine lift cuts

Migraine lift surgery is performed with two types of incisions

The first type of incision is about 4 cm in front of the hairline and stitches can be seen
The second type of cut is about 1.5 cm behind the hairline and the size of the cut is about 4 cm

After releasing the deep and middle layers of the skin muscles, a lift is performed
The advantage of the second type is that the stitches are not visible

What is the best way to improve this practice?

To improve things such as removing drooping eyebrows and to some extent removing wrinkles around the eyes caused by aging and correcting the shape of the eyes and making the face more beautiful and increasing self-confidence, the atmosphere is beautiful.

Who are the best options for pulling migraine skin?

To beautify the shape of the face and rejuvenate the face and eliminate some wrinkles around the eyes, migraine lift is a good option.

Some drooping eyebrows and eyes cause a sad or tired face, and pulling the migraine helps to beautify these people.

People who have eyebrows the size and shape of the eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrows is not out of normal shape due to tattoos or eyebrow implants are suitable candidates for this lift.

People who are older or have a genetic problem with drooping eyelids and eyebrows, upper eyelid surgery and migraine lift are very suitable for these people.


Pre-migraine care

Due to the non-invasive nature of migraine lift surgery, there is no special care and like all surgeries, smoking, hookah and alcohol should be stopped 2 weeks before surgery.

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Care after migraine lift surgery

In order to last for a long time and release the layers, it causes bruising and swelling in the upper, lower eyelids and forehead, and after one to two weeks, these bruises will disappear.
Ice packs cause faster healing
To remove bruises, place your head up and use 2 pillows when resting

After 3 weeks of endothelin lift surgery, the skin staples are removed at the surgeon’s discretion.

At what age are people suitable for migraine skin removal?

There is no age limit for migraine surgery, and the durability of this surgery depends on the skin type and the type of procedure chosen.

Is the migraine lift performed without anesthesia?

Lifts are performed in the classical way with both anesthesia and general anesthesia
However, the endothelial lift procedure should be performed under general anesthesia due to the implantation of the endothelial prosthesis, and the surgical time of the endothelial lift is longer than the endoscopic lift.


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