Cosmetic surgery of the phone

Autoplasty, or cosmetic surgery, is a way to reshape or reshape the ear and resize it and improve the position of the ears. This method is usually used to treat protruding corners that are disproportionately large or do not have a natural shape.

Problems with the appearance of the ear are usually congenital and become more pronounced as people grow older; But in some cases, the corners and their shape may be damaged in an accident or during exercise. Autoplasty, while creating balance and fit in the shape and size of the corners, gives them a more natural shape, and this will increase people’s self-esteem. This operation can be done for both children and adults to have more beautiful and natural corners.


What is autoplasty?


Sometimes beauty goes beyond shaping lips, nose and cheeks. Some people have beautiful faces, but the appearance of bad ears has made their faces look unpleasant. Protruding ears are very common. The bad shape of the ears does not look good in both women and men and sometimes causes shame and embarrassment, especially in children.

Sometimes this appearance in adults also causes lack of confidence and stress, which this inappropriate appearance of the ears makes people look for a solution to solve it. Autoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery is a safe and secure method for such people.

The main use of autoplasty is in children whose ears are abnormal or whose ears have been broken by impact. Also people who have congenitally drooping, hidden or folded ears. Autoplasty for symmetry of asymmetrical ears, people with large ears, those whose ears are far from the head and protruding, or who have previously had ear surgery and The desired result is not used.

In autoplasty (ear cosmetic surgery), an attempt is made to restore the condition of the ears naturally, which usually leaves very good results in solving this problem.

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