nose plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty is basically a surgery to change the structure of the nose, which can be done to improve the function or beauty of the nose. Rhinoplasty to improve nasal function, also called nasal canal repair, involves smoothing the cartilage and dividing bone inside the nose (blade) to improve breathing and clear nasal congestion, as well as smoothing the side walls of the nose. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is a change in the outer structure of the nose to improve the balance and appearance of the face.

In cases where a patient is using surgery to reshape their nose for the first time (primary rhinoplasty), the operation is more likely to be successful. A secondary rhinoplasty can be used when additional surgery is needed to correct the appearance of the nose or further improve breathing.
There are several reasons for a person to choose rhinoplasty. Allergies, nasal damage, or congenital deformity of the nasal septum can cause nasal congestion. People choose cosmetic rhinoplasty because of damage or dissatisfaction with the shape of their nose.

For people who have nasal congestion and difficulty breathing, rhinoplasty clears the cartilage and dividing bone inside the nose (blade) as well as the side walls of the nose, which improves their breathing and quality of life. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can improve both clients’ facial balance and self-confidence. Sometimes clients request both surgeries at the same time.

Surgeons use the endonasal method or the conventional open rhinoplasty method to smooth and reshape the cartilage of the nasal septum and increase airflow to improve breathing. Rhinoplasty to improve function You can think of it as a nasal strip to correct breathing that is made to fit your nose. This type of surgery can completely change the way you breathe without affecting the shape or appearance of your nose.

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